The following are the categories your group needs to do research on:

       a. Food Pyramid - What is it?  Why is it useful?  How do you use it?
       b. Healthy Eating Habits -  You need to find at least 5 different foods, that are considered "healthy".  Find out their nutritional value and explain why each one is considered healthy.
       c. Tasty/Healthy Recipes - Mr. Pyramid would like 3 recipes he could use if he wanted to invite friends over and make them a meal.
       d. 5 a day facts - What does 5 a day mean?  Please research, explain and list 5 facts that you learned.
       e. Exercise - What kind of exercises can we do to help keep us fit?  List at least 3 to 5 different activities we can do.  Make sure to explain why exercise is important for everyone!