Now that you know the categories you have to research.... Each person has to pick one category and begin the search!  You can use the websites in the resources section to help find the information you need.  Make sure you answer the questions that are asked above.

     You may need to print certain information that you find, but if you don't have access to a printer, you can write down the information on a piece of paper!  Just be sure to write down the website and author that you got the information from so that you can show your teacher later on.

     Remember, make sure you understand the assignment before you start, if you don't, ask your teacher!  Also, make sure that you discuss with your group the assignment and make sure all members of the group know what is expected of them!

     Remember to have fun, learn as much as you can and if you have questions... ask!

     To make sure your on the right path and will earn all points necessary for a good grade, make sure to look at the rubric to see what is expected of you and your group!

     Good luck and have fun on your journey through the world of healthy nutrition!