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Winter 2006

Fulton Kings Chess Team is a Winner
By Deborah A. Lee, Principal

     Robert Fulton Elementary School has a new team, the Chess Team, and we call the them the "Fulton Kings." The team is a collaboration of Robert Fulton School and the Germantown Beacon Center. The team is coached by Mr. Gil, a chess master from the Beacon Center.
      The Fulton Kings have participated in four city-wide chess tournaments that were held at Community College of Philadelphia. This new team has experienced success with student Wali Cain coming in fourth place in our first tournament. And our team won medals and trophies for earning the most team points at our last tournament.
     "Our students love chess. They love the opportunity to compete with students across the city, and the game develops algebraic thinking and problem solving skills." Student Theodore Pan says that the game has helped him to learn to deal with real-life situations as he uses step-by-step strategies to overcome conflicts and obstacles.
      Coach Gil is very proud of this young team and has registered them to participate in several upcoming events, including an all-female tournament. The Fulton Kings has students in grades 4, 5, and 6. They are Niteesah Rivers, Larry Gross, Wali Cain, Theodore Pan, Mark Jones, Brittany Bishop, Brittany Overlton, Karron Belser, Tamira Designolia, Isley Robinson, and Andre Wims.

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